Rod Replacement Program


It’s never a good day when your rod breaks, but sometimes it’s a reality, and if it does Cashion Rods is here to get you back on the water as quick as possible, with the Cashion Rods lifetime replacement program.

We have created a online replacement program to process your claim more efficiently.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Click “File a claim” below, fill out ALL information.

Step 2: Upload photos of rod break and rod spec label

Step 3: Click submit claim and pay replacement fee. You will be taken to a PayPal window (You do not have to have PayPal to submit payment)

Step 4: Cut the portion of the rod containing the spec label from the damaged rod.

Step 5: Along with the spec label section of the damaged rod, include your contact information and return shipping address. Mail envelope containing both to the address listed at the bottom of this page. 

**Allow 20 business days to process and ship replacement. You will receive an email confirmation once your rod(s) have shipped.

Replacement Fees

John Crews ICON Series – $65.00

ICON Series – $65.00

CORE Series – $65.00

CK Series (3 years from date of manufacturing) – $65.00

Upgrade from Elite to ICON Series – $65.00

Upgrade from CRT (3 years from date of manufacturing) to CORE Series – $65.00


ALL Replacement Rods requiring return shipping are subject to an additional cost of $35.00

Please NOTE

You can ONLY upgrade from Elite Series Rods to ICON Series Rods

CRT Series Rods to CORE Series Rods.

The CRT Series Cannot be upgraded to ICON Series

If you have any questions please email us: