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Surf Fishing Rods

Cashion has designed a new 12′ surf rod with unsurpassed sensitivity.  You asked for a longer surf rod for even further casting distance.  We achieved further casting distance without sacrificing weight and sensitivity.  The Cashion carbon fiber surf blanks are incredibly light-weight but strong enough for any surf challenge.  The carbon fiber blank construction allows you to experience the slightest bite even through wind and waves.

Cashion surf fishing rods are what you need for your next adventure.   It seems all surf and pier fishermen are diehard about their sport and for good reason. Not many other forms of fishing allow for competition and fellowship that surf and pier fishing provides. When soaking bottom rigs or working lures, you never know what is going to bite in the surf, that is why you have to be prepared for anything. Cashion Surf Fishing Rods will provide you the level of comfort needed to completely depend on your equipment. Our surf fishing rods load incredibly well for extremely long distance casting which is always important when fishing from the surf.  Featuring durable carbon fiber materials, Cashion blanks were designed for durability and uncompromising performance. The carbon fiber blank blends the strength of carbon with reduction in weight.  You will have to feel the Cashion Surf Fishing Rods to understand how light weight they are.

Cashion Surf Fishing Rods are designed with Graphite Reel Seats and tangle free double-foot reverse surf guides.  The swooping legs of the reverse style guides resist line tangling around the guides, which is a huge advantage in harsh saltwater and windy conditions.  Cashion Surf Fishing Rods contain double-foot reverse guides the entire length of the blank and each rod has a lot of guides.

  • All Surf Rods have an 18″ Rear Grip (Measured from behind reel seat to butt of rod, see image below)
 Model Length Line (lb.) Lure (oz)  Action  Power Pieces Weight (oz)
CFR110M-2 11′ 15-30 1-6 Mod-Fast Medium 2 13.748
 CFR110H-2 11′  20-40 2-8 Mod-Fast Heavy 2 15.291
CFR120M-2 12′ 15-30 2-6 Mod-Fast Med 2 15.291
CFR120H-2 12′ 20-65 2-8 Mod-Fast Heavy 2 16.388



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