What Cashion Rods is all about

Cashion Mission

The Cashion mission is to create American-made Cashion branded and OEM fishing rods with uncompromising value and durability that are delivered to our customers with the highest level of customer service.

Cashion Values

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Why design fishing rods?  Dr. Cashion’s research experience and expertise lies at the interface of advanced adhesives and continuous fibers.  “The composite interface is the most important juncture of a fishing rod blank.  Fiber encapsulation with the epoxy matrix influence the flexural and compression strength of composite blanks.” says Dr. Cashion.  What does this mean?  The details matter, a fishing rod’s strength and performance depends how well the fibers bond with the epoxy surrounding them.   


PEOPLE are the motivation for Cashion Rods.


  • Cashion Fishing Rods are proudly manufactured in Sanford, NC
  • Cashion Blanks are designed and manufactured in Sanford, NC
  • Cashion team members are the best rod and blank builders on the planet
  • American made Carbon Fiber
  • American made Carbon Fiber Pre-Preg
  • Epoxy is formulated in USA
  • American made Kevlar

ICON High Performance Technology

MATERIAL SCIENCE is at the heart of everything Cashion designs.


  • Advanced Interface Bonding (AIB) – AIB is a combination of mechanical and additive technology to create ultra high bond strength at the interface of carbon fiber and epoxy matrix
  • Proprietary Weight Reduction (PWR) Engineering – Novel reinforcing strategy to increase hoop strength but limit weight increase
  • High Tg Epoxy (HTE) formulation with AIB – Novel epoxy with impressive mechanical properties and high modulus for increased blank sensitivity
  • High Modulus Carbon Fiber combined with Standard Modulus Carbon Fiber for perfect mix of sensitivity and durability

ICON Features

Cashion CUSTOMERS deserve the best.


  • Raw finish blank for high end look and epoxy fiber encapsulation for increased durability
  • American Tackle micro-guides for increased sensitivity and casting distance
  • Ergonomic hook keeper
  • American Tackle Reel Seat with shortened threads for all day comfort and blank contact
  • Bullet Proof Kevlar Grips for increased sensitivity and durability
  • Lifetime Warranty