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New Release! Shad Rap Rods

Best Fishing Rod for Shad Rap

New Release!  We are proud to release the brand new shad rap fishing rods.  Just in time for cold weather cranking, the shad rap fishing rods are the first spinning rods offered by Cashion Fishing Rods with a mod-fast action which is perfect for small crankbaits.

“This is the Perfect Spinning Rod for small crankbaits.  Cashion has designed the perfect combination of moderate-fast tip with proper backbone.  The Cashion Shad Rap Rods throw small plugs further and more accurate.  The 6’9″ length is absolutely perfect for working around docks and other structure.”  Elite Pro Jamie Hartman

Shad Rap #5 & #7

C84369bs – 6’9″ Mod-Fast, Med is ideal for smaller and shallower running balsa wood crankbaits like the shad rap #5 & #7.

Shad Rap #8 & #9

C84569bs – 6’9″ Mod-Fast, Med-Hvy is perfect for larger shad raps and balsa wood crankbaits like the shad rap #8 & #9.

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