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A rookie season to Remember! Part 2


Continuation From Part 1


Lake Dardanelle was  next for the Elite series and Jamie settled back into his role and managed 55.4 pounds and a 6th place finish.  Jamie uses a Cashion F90676 flipping stick for his Carolina rig work and paired it with a Riot Baits Relic out on the ledges.  In the mornings we was catching some good fish on a full size Zara Spook on a Cashion P8447 7’ med action top water rod. The next event for the Elites took Jamie home to New York to the St. Lawrence river.  All eyes were on Jamie and when folks kept singling him out as having an advantage he kept explaining the the fisheries in New York are so great and productive that his local knowledge didn’t produce an advantage.  After a good practice Jamie started day one working primarily the Luck Craft Pointer on the Cashion Rods P8437.  He had two good fish come in buttoned at the boat which limited his weight considerably for day one.  Day two he continued to struggle with the fish staying buttoned on the jerk bait and decided to move out with a drop shot on a Cashion P90373bs spinning rod and a Riot Baits Little Creeper jig on the Cashion M87373 med heavy worm jig rod.   Day three he made a hook change on the jerkbait and got more fish to the boat and continued to use the deeper pattern to add weight.  Finishing in 7th place with 78.12 he was able to take home a check for $13,500.00.

Lake Champlain was the next destination for the Elites to compete on.  Due to weather day one of the tournament was cancelled.  Although Jamie is used to the rougher water found on Champlain he was glad they postponed due to safety and have less wear and tear on equipment with all of the running around he had planned.  Hartman was quick to dial in a combo punch Carolina Rig with the Riot Baits Relic on a Cashion F90676 flipping stick and the Riot Baits Minima Jig with their Tantrum trailer on his Cashion M87373 worm jig rod to ensure he cut a 10,000.00 check with 48.5 pounds for 38th place.  A short but quick drive over to Michigan and Lake St Claire for the final regular season Elite event was next.  On day one of practice Jamie went straight to Erie and had for quality bites and saw what he needed to.  When it came tournament time he made one stop on the way to Erie and told himself if he caught three keepers he would stay put. Right off the bat he caught a limit with 2 solid fish so he didn’t go to Erie.  Day 2 started off with a 2 pounder and a 6.2.  He was dropshotting a prototype bait on his that he only had a limited number of on his Cashion P90373bs and also spybaiting a DUO spybait with the Cashion P90376s.  On day two he also made a slight 1’ depth adjustment which gave him a better bite and kept him there through the end of the tournament. He would finish the tournament in 6th place and another check for $13,500.00. The final tournament of the year for Jamie was the Angler of the Year event on Mille Lacs.  Jamie said the smallmouth there proved to be much harder to fish for than what he was used to.  He couldn’t quite dial in the specific pattern he needed to get the giant smallies to bite.  Coupled with the massive off shore waves he couldn’t make contact with the bottom and although he was clearly seeing the fish with his Lowrance Electronics he just couldn’t quite grind out a check.  Overall Hartman’s 2017 rookie season left him with a Classic Berth and the mindset that he was meant to compete with the best in the world on Bass Fishing’s biggest stage. His favorite event was the first one on Cherokee he said the winter pattern on the lake really suited his style of fishing.  As for this next year he is looking forward to learning new water, seeing new areas of the country while traveling, and most of all living out his loving time dream of fishing in the Bassmaster Classic.


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