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John Crews Signature Deep Crank Rod

John Crews Signature Deep Crank Rod



John Crews Signature Deep Crank Rod

Anyone who knows John Crews understands his ability to help develop the perfect Deep Diving Crankbait rod.  Using our proprietary blank design and pattern, which provide a parabolic bend, you can rest assured on longer cast and hook sets with the perfect amount of tension.  The sensitivity of our components insure you feel every rock, stump, or piece of cover as you deflect off of it.  The unilateral design also helps increase the action on the crankbait to insure you are getting every bite possible.   Pair this rod with the Spro Little John DD and go to work.

The John Crews Signature Deep Crank Fishing Rod features a Fuji Reelseat with microguides.    The microguides absolutely improve the performance of cranking rods.  The microguides conserve energy in the cast which results in further casting distance.  Maximum casting distance is a necessity, especially deep cranking,  because it allows your plug to reach deeper depths.  The exposed blank Fuji ECSM reel seat design is incredibly comfortable with ergonomic trigger design.  Of course the Cashion Carbon Fiber Grips are included on the John Crews Signature Deep Crank Fishing Rod in a red/black pattern.  Cashion carbon fiber grips are more durable than cork or foam, plus they are denser, which allows vibrations experienced at the rod tip to travel directly to your finger tips.  All anglers will appreciate the padded butt cap to protect your ribs from violent hook-sets.

 Model  Length Action Power Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Length*
7’11” Mod-Fast Med-Hvy 10-17 1/2 – 1 1/4 11 11″




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