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John Crews Signature Dropshot Rod

John Crews Signature Dropshot Rod



 Model  Length Action Power Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Length*
P90474bsjc 7’4″ Fast Med-Hvy 5-12 weightless – 1/2 9 10.25″

*Measured from behind reel seat to the butt

John Crews Signature Dropshot Fishing Rod

Cashion Rods worked with John Crews to design the perfect dropshot fishing rod.  Where do we begin describing the key features that make this the perfect dropshot fishing rod?

The right action and sensitivity is paramount for dropshotting.  The blank John designed has an extremely fast and forgiving tip.  The incredibly soft tip provides maximum action to the bait and provides the perfect entry-point hook-up by allowing fish to take the bait in-mouth before setting the hook.  The soft tip compliments light-weight line to provide forgiveness during the fight and prevent line breakage for low pound test.  John designed his dropshot fishing rod with a Med-Hvy backbone.  We know most dropshot fishing rods are designed with Med-Light or Med power backbone and for good reason.  However, the tip on the John Crews Signature Dropshot Fishing Rod is so soft John prefers the accompanying power of a Med-Hvy backbone.  The Med-Hvy allows for more confidence fishing around structure and when fishing deep.  Fishing a deep dropshot can be very rewarding however, the technique requires maximum sensitivity, a lot of line taken up to set the hook and control fish.  The Med-Hvy designed blank increases sensitivity because the blank is denser and provides more power for taking up line and controlling fish.

John liked the length of 7’4″ for several reasons.  To provide leverage when controlling fish around the boat and for take up more line when setting the hook.  The 10.25″ handle length (measured from behind the reel seat to the butt) is specific designed to provide maximum leverage.

The first thing you will notice when picking up this rod is the Counter Balance Weight in the butt.  It will feel heavier than normal without the reel.  However, when the reel is added the Counter Balanced design will actually feel lighter in your hands when fishing all day long.  It is no secret that a balanced rod feels lighter.  This matters especially when fishing tournaments or fun fishing for extended periods.  The “tip-up” design of the Counter Balance reduces torque on your hands providing a seamless connection with the rod.  Even at 7’4″ the John Crews Signature Dropshot Spinning Rod is effortless to fish all day.

How annoying is a dropshot typically to store because the weight is always tangling with another rod?  The unique hook keeper on the John Crews Signature Dropshot Fishing Rod allows for storage of the rigged dropshot and keeps the weight tightly seated in the cupped design.  Aligned geometrical tension keeps the weight of the dropshot tightly held in place to prevent snagging and protects the dropshot weight from bending at the connector.  Easily and effortlessly remove the dropshot from the hook keeper by pulling straight down.

The John Crews Signature Dropshot Fishing Rod features all Fuji components with “tweener” #5 size Fuji guides.  “Tweener” #5 guides are not as small as Cashion microguides but not as large as conventional guides.  The #5 size Fuji guides allow for braid-to-fluorocarbon knot clearance while providing a small footprint to maximize sensitivity.  The uplocking Fuji reel seat design allows for use of a foregrip that has a specially designed taper that feels great in your hand and allows easy travel of your fingers to the blank.  Of course the Cashion Carbon Fiber Grips are included on the John Crews Signature Dropshot Fishing Rod in a red/black pattern.  Cashion carbon fiber grips are more durable than cork or foam, plus they are denser, which allows vibrations experienced at the rod tip to travel directly to your finger tips.

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 88 x 3 x 3 cm

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