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John Crews Signature Worming Rod

John Crews Signature Worming Rod



 Model  Length Action Power Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Length*
M87372tjc 7’2″ Fast Med-Hvy 12-20 weightless – 3/4 9 9.75″


John Crews Signature Series Worming Fishing Rod

John Crews is a very talented and multifaceted angler and you know he wants his tackle and equipment to be perfect. The 7’2″  John Crews Signature Worming Fishing Rod rod is exactly that and you can tell he really enjoys having a texas rigged Missile Tomahawk or weight-less senko tied on.  John was adamant in getting every detail correct to design the best rod on the market for fishing smaller jigs, senkos, Texas rigs, and soft plastics on wobble heads.

Crews says, “This 7’2″ Worming Rod is one I will always have tied up because it is perfect for some of the techniques I count on almost everyday on the water. The rod being counter balanced is something you will not want to live without once you fish with it.”

The first thing you will notice when you pick up the 7’2″  John Crews Signature Worming Fishing Rod is the “Counter Balance.” There is a counter balance weight in the butt to make the rod balanced in your hand. It will actually feel lighter in your hand because of the “tip up” balance point. A balanced design makes the John Crews Signature Worming Rod a delight to fish all day.  The balanced rod also is more sensitive because the slightest bump will pull the balance off and be transmitted down the super sensitive blank and Fuji guides.  This matters especially when fishing tournaments or fun fishing for extended periods.

The John Crews Signature Worming Fishing Rod features all Fuji components with “tweener” #5 size Fuji guides.  “Tweener” #5 guides are not as small as Cashion microguides but not as large as conventional guides.  The #5 size Fuji guides reduce the number of required guides so the rod can be balanced with less weight.  The exposed blank Fuji ECSM reel seat design is incredibly comfortable with ergonomic trigger design.  Of course the Cashion Carbon Fiber Grips are included on the John Crews Signature Worming Fishing Rod in a red/black pattern.  Cashion carbon fiber grips are more durable than cork or foam, plus they are denser, which allows vibrations experienced at the rod tip to travel directly to your finger tips.  All anglers will appreciate the padded butt cap to protect your ribs from violent hook-sets.

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 86 x 1 x 1 cm

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