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New Release! RT90475b

April 3rd 2019

For immediate release

Brand new for this spring season is our RT90475b Rattle Trap rod. When the prespawn hits and the lipless crank baits become a staple for every anglers trip we offer the brand new Trap Rod. We designed this rod to offer a solid back bone for ripping out of grass and navigating heavy shallow cover with just enough tip to feel the vibration of the bait right up to the stout hook set. This rod comes in at 7’5″ to give you a little extra length for extra long casts to cover as much water as possible in a short amount of time. The unidirectional blank will give you extra sensitivity to allow you to feel the bait ticking the top of the grass line right in the prime strike zone. Available immediately click below to order yours today.

NEW RT90475B

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