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Green Top Open House

Green Top Open House

October 8th and 9th


Green Top Sporting Goods in Virginia has been a long time partner for Cashion Fishing Rods and we were fortunate enough to participate in their 70th Anniversary open house last weekend.  One of our newest members on the Cashion Crew JR Mitchell recounts the experience.  Thank you to all those who came out to see us at the event.


What a great weekend to be an angler. Heck, to be an outdoors man period! Had the honor this past Saturday, Oct. 7th to attend Green Top’s 70th Anniversary Outdoor Expo representing Cashion Rods. Expo ran all day Saturday and Sunday with over 100 vendors in attendance. From fishing to hunting, this expo had it all. Thousands of people crowded the tents outside and the huge sales happening inside the store where Cashion Rods was set up. This being my first time doing a show for Cashion, I was nervous driving across state to a dealer with such a big event for them. Folks at Green Top are top notch and made me feel welcomed as the doors opened at 8am. From helping set up the display, to assisting us in the sell of our rods, Green Top employee’s went above and beyond. Also noted I had a great partner (David Bivins, Cashion Crew) helping me as the day went along insuring that anyone that stopped by to see us, left with a wealth of knowledge of Cashion Rods. Customer service and teamwork at it’s finest! John Crews (Elite Series Pro) drove in as well to help celebrate the anniversary and hung out at our display talking to customers about Cashion and the well respected Missile Baits. John has been an idol for me for years and it was so cool having him right there helping. It was a team effort, from Green Top to the Cashion Crew, that some anglers left with their first Cashion Rod and some left with another one for their arsenal. I on the other hand, left with a smile knowing that I made some new friends with our customers and that there is nothing to be nervous about when you are dealing with great people. Thank you Green Top and thank you Cashion for allowing me to represent a rod that I and many others love so well.


JR Mitchell

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