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Featherwick Sponsorship

NEW Title Sponsor for the CRT Northern at Champlain

 We are pleased to have Featherwick as a new title sponsor for our CRT Northern Event on Lake Champlain.

Featherwick was originally established in 2007 by a group of local anglers in Sullivan County, NY. It was comprised of decals and apparel, none of which was for sale. In 2013, Bud Cipoletti – the founder, became friends with Josh Douglas while fishing the BASS Northern Opens. Together, Josh and Bud have since grown featherwick to be a collaborative brand that produces high-quality films and marketing campaigns for companies in the fishing industry. We are comprised of a team of anglers across the world, selected to represent us in their respective divisions – the US, Japan, and Australian markets. Next year, 2018 – featherwick will begin selling product to the public after years of slow cultivation and care. We cannot reveal just what that is yet – but we are excited to be on the journey. Our core goal is to continually evolve into the voids that the fishing industry as a whole creates. We aim to push new standards, and to expose this great sport to new audiences.


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