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Skipping a Shaky Head

Skipping a shaky head can be a deadly technique.  The right presentation makes all the difference.  Watch as Tracy Adams and Tim Hawley discuss the finer points to skipping a shaky head.

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The Lost Generation!!!!

Ok this post may be me getting a little on my soap box or maybe I’m just getting older and probably a combination of both. The other day I had a very disturbing revelation as my 7 year old daughter and her friends were hanging out at […]

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Don’t let the simple mistakes cost you a great finish!

Have you ever had one of those should’ve, would’ve, could’ve type tournaments? I know I have and there will probably be many more to come. One thing that most tournament bass fishermen have in common is the desire to ultimately be the best at what they do […]

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Power Drop Shot with some Backbone

Power Drop Shot with some Backbone

I picked up a new Cashion Rods 7’3” heavy action flipping stick (F90673b) and it was time to break it in. Since bass season has been going for a few months in NY, and the water is relatively clear, I figured a drop shot would be the […]

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The Best $10 You Can Spend!

Cell phone technology has really come a long way in a short period of time. I remember my first cell phone….. it looked like a grenade and had a push talk feature through Nextel. Man weren’t we cool…..if you had one you know what I’m talking about. […]

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Learn to Love a Jerk!

Without a doubt one of my all time favorite baits is a hard plastic jerkbait and there is no better time to throw one than late winter and early spring. Several years ago while fishing an FLW Tour event as a co-angler on Beaver Lake in Arkansas […]

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Cheaters Never Win….!!!!

Have you ever heard the quote, if you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying? If you’re going to bass fish on any tournament level you should prepare yourself for those who may live by this motto. Times are tuff, and if you think for one second it is […]

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Should Bass Fishermen be Considered Athletes?

One great thing I love about my family is that we are all sports fanatics. My Grandfather was a successful boxer and later a great high school basketball and football coach.All my uncles were all multiple sport athletes in high school, one of which went on to […]

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Tap into the POWER of the “NET” to Catch More Bass!

As I continue to broaden my horizons and fish new bodies of largemouth bass infested waters across the United States I have realized the power of the “NET” to help me catch more bass more often. The net that I am referring to is not the net […]

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Strike Gold During the Winter Draw Downs

Imagine how excited you would be as a prospector looking for gold after a force of nature wiped away all the top soil and sediment leaving only shiny nuggets of gold laying on top of the bed rock. As a bass fishing fanatic, I get just as […]

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