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Dropshoting for Smallmouth on the Bed

Bed fishing for smallmouth bass has no equal. Watch as Cashion Crew members JJ Elmer and Tim Hawley discuss the finer points of smallmouth bed fishing while using the NEW Cashion John Crews Signature Series Dropshot Rod, Rod Model: P90474bsjc

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2015 CRT Champlain Results 8.1.15

By JJ Elmer For the first time we have arrived at Ticonderoga, and it did not disappoint. I have never been to Lake Champlain and people always talk that it is the destination in NY to catch big bass. This year we decided to have 3 Cashion […]

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2015 CRT Oneida Results 6.27.15

If one word could describe the 2015 CRT Oneida Open, it would be tough. The anglers had to brave extremely rough water created by a brutal east wind. The wind made it difficult to launch from Oneida Shores, let alone run the lake. To top it off, […]

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2015 CRT Northern Opens add title sponsor

2015 CRT Northern Opens add title sponsor 2015 Northern Opens have some new and exciting changes. First and foremost we have been joined by a title sponsor for all three events Kevin and his group from Towne Marine in Bloomsburg Pa . With this they bring Skeeter […]

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Progress for 2015

Progress for 2015 I know that I have written in the past that we are so excited for 2015 and it is getting better and better as we proceed. Here are some of the highlights that I can bring everyone up to speed; • Permits are filed […]

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The Streak

Sept 25th -The streak What do you do when you are on a hot streak, you ride it out. I have been on a great streak this last couple of months. I had the opportunity to be the captain of our bass clubs team for the NY […]

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Sticking With the Plan

How many times have you had the plan in your head and then changed at the last minute. We all know that sometimes you have to change your plan due to unforeseen circumstances that can not be controlled wind and or weather. But the thing that I […]

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2015 CRT Tournament Dates

I know everyone has been told don’t overlook today for tomorrow, and 2014 has a lot left to offer in the fishing arena. But how can I not be excited for 2015 already? Working with Cashion Fishing Rods, we have expanded the Cashion Rods Tournament (CRT) Trail […]

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Power Drop Shot with some Backbone

Power Drop Shot with some Backbone

I picked up a new Cashion Rods 7’3” heavy action flipping stick (F90673b) and it was time to break it in. Since bass season has been going for a few months in NY, and the water is relatively clear, I figured a drop shot would be the […]

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