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Awesome Bass Spawn Video by FatCat more

Fat Cat Catches Two 9lbers in One Cast

Fat Cat is on to something once again with the Pre Rap Wiggle Wart. Great winter time ice busting strategy.

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Shotgun Fail – 87lb Snapping Turtle

FatCat’s New shotgun-fishing Rod Prototype.  Once he get’s the bugs worked out, this will be revolutionary.

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10lb BASS can’t shake this HOOK SET!!! Video #9

Unbelievable hook set perfected by Fat Cat and possibly the best form and technique ever known to be performed by a human bean on Planet Murica!!!! Fat Cat Newton Awesomeness!!

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Fat Cat Newton Bass Fishing Legend

If you don’t know Fat Cat Newton you need to recognize.  Fat Cat is a terrific guy and he has produced some of the best video’s on the web!  Cashion Rods support’s Fat Cat because he looks at the lighter side of our sport and Fat Cat […]

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