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Bracket Bash

What is the Cashion Bracket Bash?

The Cashion Bracket Bash (CBB) is a 2-man Team Bracket Style Bass Tournament.  The CBB is a 1-day event composed of Round 1 (6a – noon) and Round 2 (2p – 5p).  Teams will randomly be placed in Pools and each Pool will contain four Teams, therefore Pool A will consist of 4 Teams, Pool B will have 4 teams, etc., all the way to Pool J.  The Team with the heaviest 5-fish limit wins their Pool and advances to Round 2.  Only the winners of each Pool will advance to Round 2 and every Pool winner is guaranteed a paid finish.  The Team with the heaviest 5-fish limit in Round 2 will be the CRT Northern CBB Champions and take home $2900 in Cash and Prizes.  Therefore, in Round 1 your team only has to beat 3 other teams for guaranteed winnings.  Then in Round 2 your Team only has to beat 9 other teams to become the Champions.

Round 1:

  • Teams Randomly Placed in Pools of 4 Teams
  • In Round 1 your team is competing only against the teams in your Pool
  • Weigh-in: Noon
  • Limit: 5 Fish
  • Winner of Pool determined by Team with the largest weight (Tie in first period will be decided by Big Fish)
  • Big Fish Prize Awarded to Team with the overall biggest bass against the entire field

Cashion Fishing Rods Team Bracket Bass Fishing Tournament

Round 2:  Only the Winners of each Pool advance to Round 2, therefore, there will be a total of 10 Teams in Round 2.  Every Team that advances to Round 2 is getting Paid

  • Launch: 2p
  • Weigh-in: 5p
  • Limit: 5 Fish
  • Winning Teams from Round 1 will compete in Round 2
  • CBB Winners determined by Team with largest weight (Big Fish determines tie breaker for 1st Place)

                     1 in 4 Payback

Place Prize
1 $2,900

($2000 cash, $400 Rods, $500 Power-Pole Gift Card)

2 $1,000
3 $900
4 $800
5 $500
6 $400
7 $400
8 $400 Rods
9 $400 Rods
10 $400 Rods
Big Fish: $400

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