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Kevin Trummel

Kevin Trummel

Kevin is an optometrist in Lawrence Kansas. He has a wife, Denise, and two kids, a girl Ellie and a boy Cooper. His favorite thing is to spend time with his family, but is also a serious fisherman. He has been fishing his entire life, and started tournament fishing while in college at the University of Kansas.

Kevin fishes tournaments all over Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. Bass fishing in Kansas can be tough, so he has learned how to fish tough tournaments. His favorite baits are a jerkbait, Pop-R, jig, and squarebill. Most of the lakes he fishes are power fishing lakes, but he really enjoys picking up a spinning rod and catching them on a tube and Shad Rap. He fishes in a local club, Kansas Buddy Bass circuit, and the TBF series. He won angler of the year his second year fishing the buddy circuit, and is tied for the lead again in 2014 with one tournament left. “Fishing Cashion rods has changed the way I fish. I didn’t realize how sensitive rods could be until picking up a Cashion.”


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Meet Kevin Trummell

Kevin’s Blog


I am obsessed with bass fishing. I have spent hundreds of hours studying, reading articles and recording fishing shows; along with going to every seminar and Bass University that I could fit into my schedule. I was a marshal at the Grand Lake Bassmaster Classic and have had the opportunity to spend time talking to lots of pros. When I first started fishing, I simply thought that if I spent enough time studying and preparing, I would be able to win any tournament. Needless to say, it doesn’t exactly work that way. It was several years before I won my first tournament. This led to many mental breakdowns during a tough day, a few times even taking a nap or letting my feet hang in the water while my non-boater ran the boat. It is not something I’m proud of, but it didn’t take much to spin me out on the water. Even off the water, dock talk or knowing how talented the other competitors were would make me feel like I didn’t stand a chance of winning. Getting my attitude and outlook changed was hands down the biggest hurdle to achieving some success.

It took some time, but I finally realized that there was a significant difference between my outlook and the outlook of the successful anglers around me. I am lucky to have a close group of friends that are all tremendous anglers. Over the years they have taught me new techniques and how to find fish, but the biggest thing I noticed was that the best anglers never stop believing they can win. This was first apparent to me when I was fishing a TBF divisional tournament. One of my best friends and I both qualified and spent a week trying to learn a lake we had never seen. After day one we were both way down in the standings and I was out of it mentally. Frustrated after working so hard to figure them out, and failing, I lost any hope of recovery. My friend was almost in the same spot in the standings, but approached it completely different. He stayed positive, went out and changed what he was doing, while I simply gave up and just put forth a fraction of the effort needed to succeed. In the end, he was able to come back with two of the biggest bags of the tournament and finished in 3rd, while I dropped to near the bottom. He never gave up or doubted that he could find a way to catch them. It was a huge wake up call, but wasn’t an easy thing for me to change.

Then after years of meeting pros at Bass Universities and the Classic, I noticed the same thing: they are all positive people. All of them believe they can win. John Crews even said once, “Why fish a tournament if you don’t think you can win”. And of course Mike Iaconelli’s “Never Give Up” catch phrase is the perfect example of staying positive.

Watching the pros fish when I was a marshal showed me that the main difference between a pro and an average fisherman, is their mental approach and how they deal with a bad day on the water. A successful fisherman accepts it and goes out the next day with a new perspective believing that they will still succeed. Believe it or not, we all fish different when we believe we are going to catch fish.

You wouldn’t think that a positive mental attitude has anything to do with fishing, but take a close look at the successful fisherman you know. I guarantee they start every day on the water thinking they will find the fish. Then when things are going wrong, they don’t give up, they start making changes, all the while being confident that they will figure them out at some point. Everybody has bad tournaments and bad days on the water, but if you want to be successful at this game, you have to learn from it and go out with a positive attitude the next time on the water. It really does make a difference. You will be surprised at the results when you start believing that you can win.

Stay positive and be ready to make adjustments on the water.

Kevin Trummel

City: Lawrence

State: Kansas

Favorite Cashion Rod 7′ Medium Light Jerkbait Rod – P8427

Favorite Bait: : Jerkbait – either Dave’s Custom Baits or Megabass Vision 110

Favorite Lake: Grand Lake Oklahoma

Career Highlight: Fishing in the TBF Divisional Championship on Lake Ray Roberts in Texas and becoming Cashion Crew member

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