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One Bass Wins Boat

Eric Winter Wins a Boat at the Big Bass BashEric Winter Wins a BoatEric Winter Wins a Boat

by Eric Winter

Oct 23, 2017, High Rock Lake, NC

If I were to give a quick recap of the day..blessed is what I would have to say. I started out the day with a game plan and through most of the day I fished my plan. I started questioning my decisions midday and made some adjustments that caught a lot of fish , but not the ones you need on a big bass tourney.

The Big Bass Bash tournament series is great for folks like me that don’t get to pre fish much. One fish levels the field as any cast could be THE ONE..Brad Staley’s Big Bass Bash series is affordable , fun and extremely well run. He has teamed up with several great business partners to make this series great . Anglers Choice helped provide an 18 foot Triton for the grand prize, Cashion Rods provided awesome rods each tournament, Dave’s Tournament Tackle providing awesome tackle at each event. Deep Creek Lures provided some awesome plastics as prizes and Duragloss came to the Bash with boat and car care products. Bass Pro Shop has been involved since the series started and has provided Gift Cards for the top  youth and top ladies performers.

As far as fishing goes I caught a lot of fish during the 8 hours allotted. Caught them cranking and pitching a jig.

A DT 6 in a blue gill pattern and a custom painted Huffs Hawgs crankbait were getting smoked most of the day. They were choking on the Huff’s Hawg. I was using a Shimano Chronarch matched up with Cashion 7 ft C8437 cranking rod. This set up was perfect as that rod absorbed the beat down those Yadkin bass were giving. Although cranking was catching quantity, I wasn’t getting the big bite needed to get on stage. I went to the lake with intensions of fishing a jig all day and that was the deal. I was throwing a Higher Power Baits jig , teamed up with a Cashion M8437 7’ Fast, Med-Hvy and Johnny Morris signature reel. Add a little 20 pound flouro and that combination will get them in the boat.  It wasn’t until the sun poked out and a little wind picked up that the better bite started for me. After I caught the 6-11 I went down the bank and boated a 4 ½ , 3 ½  and lost a good one under a pier that was operator error , not equipment failure.

The jigs I was throwing were arkie head hand tied jigs from Higher Power Baits. One called Da Sniper and Purple Reign caught a lot of fish but the big girl came on a secret pattern. Today that is going to remain secret as it was shown to me  in confidence and a friendship is worth more to me than that.

To begin the day I asked God to help me stay focused and work my plan and in the end I give him the Glory. With 2 kids in college I wasn’t sure when a new boat would be in my future…because of the Big Bass Bash and a blessing from above the future is now!!!

See you all at the scales next year!!

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