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Cashion Fishing Rods takes a scientific approach to designing fishing rods for enthusiastic anglers. We incorporate design concepts using cutting edge procedures and high performance materials that are typically used in the production of race cars. All Cashion Bass Fishing Rods are designed using Fuji Microguide technology, which increase the physical performance and sensitivity. We designed a novel technique to manufacture carbon fiber grips, which perform as an extension of your fingertips providing amazing sensitivity.

Cashion Blanks are constructed of high grade carbon fiber and manufactured by a uni-directional process, which ensures the carbon fiber runs perfectly straight from the butt to the tip. The uni-direction carbon fiber does not wrap or twist as it travels the blank, ensuring the carbon fiber is aligned at 0° without rotation. The uni-direction process ensures Cashion Blanks are extremely strong because the rod will not twist under load. Plus, vibrations have a straight path down the blank to your finger tips providing astonishing sensitivity.

Michael Corbishley of ECU, 1st Place College Falls Lake
18.22 lb wtih 10.45 big fish 1st Place Donovan Welch & Josh Withford 26.86 lbs 2nd Place Robert Brooks & Buster Seabolt 3rd Place Josh Hooks & Jaime Fajardo, 23.77 Mike Binterman & Todd Sumner 4th Tim Parker & Jerry Marshburn 5th Place Gregory Burchfield & Taylor Burke, 6th Chris Wagner, 8th Brent Dodrill and Lt. Rich Trick 7th Josh Hooks, Matt Cashion, Jaime Fajardo Todd Sumner, Matt Cashion, Mike Binterman Chris Wagner and Michael Neal Buster Seabolt speaking his mind about the Harris Slot Limit. Cody Thompson, 11th Deron Pope & Lonnie Whitfield, 13th Jason Dew, 12th Craig Leff, 14th
Michael Corbishley of ECU, 1st Place College Falls Lake 18.22 lb wtih 10.45 big fish


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